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Couple’s Enrichment Class

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An 8 - 10 session interactive course to enhance your relationship   

For Engaged and Married Couples:

·         Identify strength and growth areas
·         Communication and Listening
·         Conflict Resolution
·         Spirituality as a couple
·         Family Background and Expectations
·         Financial issues
·         Intimacy
·         Personality differences
·         And more

What is Prepare/Enrich?

Prepare/Enrich offers couples a unique, customized, online survey used to assess the couple’s strengths and potential growth areas in 10 important relationship categories.  Relationship building exercises are used to benefit both pre-marital and marital couples. For more information, see

What is the Cost?

The Cost of the class is Free. However, couples are encouraged to take part in the Prepare/ Enrich online assessment, which is $35 per couple. The assessment is very helpful for a couple’s understanding of their relationship.