Clear View Baptist Church         Newark,  New Jersey      
Transforming A Community for Christ One Person at a Time

How to Become a Member of Clear View Baptist Church

We would love for you to join us become a mamber of Clear View Baptist Church.  It would be our great honor and priviedge to welcome you as a part of our church family.
In order to become a member of the Clear View Baptist Church:
  • An  individual should first make a commitment and confession of faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • A person may join the Clear View Baptist Church anytime the invitation of Christian discipleship is given and the doors of the church are open.  Or a person may join the church at anytime by sharing with a deacon or the pastor of their desire to join the church.  It is not mandatory to walk the aisle during the Invitation to Discipleship. 
  • A person may join by christian experience, baptsim, reinstatement, or by letter. Persons who may be a member of another church a long distance away may come and fellowship under watchcare.

*****All New Members should attend New Members Orientation at the announced scheduled time.  And all members should attend New Members class, which takes place every Sunday morning at 9:30am during Sunday School time.