Clear View Baptist Church         Newark,  New Jersey      
Transforming A Community for Christ One Person at a Time

New Member's Class

Every Sunday morning at 9:30am


Every new member is expected to attend New members class.  
New members are taught the Growing In Christ series from Navpress.
A 5 part series on The Lesson on Assurance and 8 lessons on Christian Living


Lessons on Assurance

  1. Assurance of Salvation
  2. Assurance of Answered Prayer
  3. Assurance of Forgiveness
  4. Assurance of Victory over Temptation
  5. Assurance of Guidance
Lessons on Christian Living

  1. Putting Christ First in Your Life
  2. Relying On the Lord's Strength
  3. The Importance of the Bible
  4. Love 
  5. Giving 
  6. The Church
  7. Good Works
  8. Witnessing

    An individual need not to be a new member in order to attend new member's class.  You may be considering joining the church or you may be exploring Christ - you are welcome to attend.  If you are not a member but are interested in the class, please feel free to inquire with the Deacon or Deaconess who is instructring the New Members class.