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Small Groups

Small groups are an important part of the church.  Small groups are one of the most effective ways for a believer to grow in Christ and experience real transformation. Members are  encouraged to connect with a group.  Groups meet and share the Word, fellowship, pray, worship, and serve together.  Small groups offer an environment of transparency, accountability, and warmth that is so often missing in the church.  

Coming to church on Sunday morning alone is not enough to grow in Christ. It is important to be involved in the church and to be connected closely in fellowship with a group of believers. Although it is very difficult to get to know everyone at Clear View, it is important to know some.  

The Word of God is the central component of each small group.  Small groups sometimes study curriculum content such as 40 day materials or topical content.  But the most important study is the Word of God.  

Bible Study Acronym

S-O-A-P Daily in the Word

S ummarize - What does the scripture say?

O bservation – What does it mean?

A pplication – How does it apply to my life?

P rayer